2023 Expatriate Trends Survey

Aires is pleased to publish the results of the 2023 Expatriate Trends Survey, which examines the current best practices for long-term, global expatriate assignments (typically two- to three-year assignments in another country, often with home-based compensation). All research associated with the creation of this report was conducted between June and September 2023 via an online survey of 116 total questions.

In all, 150 organizations with expatriate activity participated, spanning many industries. This group consists of active Aires clients (55%) and non-Aires clients (45%).

Managing expatriates is a complex process involving many different participants. Depending on the size and footprint of an organization’s expatriate program, there could be one person or a team of people responsible for managing expatriate programs (referred to throughout this document as “Global Mobility”). A noteworthy percentage of participants report that Global Mobility expatriates are managed through Total Rewards/Compensation. Most respondents noted that expatriate programs are managed from the U.S. with additional representation from
other regions around the world.

Below is a sneak peek of the survey.

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