2022 Domestic Trends Survey

Aires is pleased to present the latest report in our continuing series of annual benchmarking research – the 2022 Domestic Trends Report. All research associated with the creation of this report was conducted between June and September 2022 via an online survey.

Since Aires’ first edition of the Domestic Trends Report in 2010, much of the benchmarking data has held steady, with few individual policy provisions seeing major change over 10-plus years. This report will highlight domestic policy provisions and detail their current use in today’s mobility programs.

Since our last domestic report in 2019, the world has experienced a global pandemic, major supply chain interruptions, decreased housing supply, and widespread inflation. While these challenges have monopolized mobility professionals’ time as they deal with delays, cost overruns, talent shortages, and exceptions, domestic mobility has been resilient.

During 2020 and 2021, few companies made changes to their mobility programs. Aside from situations where mobility had to be put on hold, efforts were spent encouraging mobility acceptance, attracting talent, and dealing with exceptions on a case-by-case basis. While dealing with these challenges, some companies were considering possible future changes. Now that mobility activity has returned to pre-pandemic levels for many businesses (and has even increased for some), we find that these organizations are beginning to make those changes.

There are currently many more directions for change compared to previous years. Now more than ever, companies are making change based on their business needs rather than benchmarking data. Benchmarking data is essential in understanding the competitiveness of a mobility program and the current state of the mobility industry; however, benchmarking is only one of many elements a company should take into consideration when evaluating their mobility program. It is critical that a company makes decisions about their mobility program based on individual talent needs, cost tolerance, organizational culture, duty of care obligations, and environmental, social, and corporate governance initiatives.

Aires’ 2022 Domestic Trends Report finds that some aspects of mobility have changed over time while others remain the same. We hope you find value in this thorough review of U.S. domestic benchmarking data and supporting information.

Below is a sneak peek of the survey.

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