Temporary Domestic Assignments

The most recent Aires Pulse Survey takes a closer look at temporary domestic assignments. This report includes benchmark data for the types of support provided by employers and identifies the common reasons why employees are sent on short term domestic assignments.

Domestic mobility is constantly evolving and growing to meet businesses’ and transferees’ needs. This is evident through notable trends such an increase in both policy tiers and types of relocations. Traditionally, domestic relocation implied a permanent move and often involved selling and purchasing real estate. The recession brought about change, reflection, and efficiencies. Hence, the temporary domestic assignment (which potentially eliminates or reduces costly permanent relocation expenses) caught the attention of several companies.

When first researched and surveyed in 2012, Aires found only 48% of companies offering temporary domestic assignments. Today, three-quarters of survey participants confirm that temporary domestic assignments are part of their domestic mobility program, yet more than a quarter of them are sending employees on temporary domestic assignments with no formal policy.

Below is a sneak peek of the Temporary Domestic Assignments survey.

Temp Assignments photo