Global Short Term Assignments

For decades, employers have been sending staff to work in foreign host locations for weeks, months, and years at a time. Short term assignments, which are typically three-to-twelve months in length, are not new to global mobility. Yet, data is regularly published advising that short term assignments are a trend. To that point, global short term assignments are often reported by organizations to be growing in volume year over year.

This most recent Aires Pulse Survey takes a closer look at global short term assignments. This report includes benchmark data for the types of support that are provided by employers and identifies the common reasons why employees are sent on global short term assignments.
Eighty-six percent of companies that participated in the survey confirm having one or more policies or guidelines in place that define provisions for assignees on short term assignments, while another 7% determine provisions on a case-by-case basis.

Below is a sneak peek of the Global Short Term Assignments survey.

Global slide 1