Domestic Household Goods Shipping

Household goods shipping is one of the most personal services provided during a relocation. The impact of a household goods move is often measured by how much stuff there is to move, the value (sentimental or appraised) of the items being moved, and one’s personal connections to what is being moved (or not moved) at their employer’s expense.

In some people’s ideal relocations, all possessions would be relocated to their new home, but the reality is there are barriers that often make that impossible. Some items are not fit for shipping (e.g., full propane tanks, perishable foods, plants, etc.), while others are cost prohibitive (e.g., large and bulky items, etc.)

Often it is the items that an employer is not willing to pay to move that receive the most attention in a relocation policy. Placing reasonable expectations on what can and cannot be shipped is one way to provide a consistent level of support to all relocating employees and protect the company from excessive expenses.

The Aires Pulse Survey – Domestic Household Goods Shipping takes a close look at what is being authorized and denied in today’s relocation policies. Overall, 96% of survey respondents confirm offering shipment benefits to their relocating employees, making it one of the most common benefits offered by employers after travel expenses.

Below is a sneak peek of the survey.

Domestic HHG shipping