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The health and safety of Aires’ employees, the clients we serve, and our dedicated partners remain at the forefront of our concerns. As a global business service, the threat of this global pandemic remains fluent and constant, and we are committed to providing detailed information and updates as the situation progresses. 

How has COVID-19 impacted global mobility? We've increased the frequency of our
Pulse Survey schedule to find out - see the results below. 

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COVID-19 Update Looking Forward - 5.15 COVID-19 Update
Impact on U.S. Domestic & Global Mobility - 4.15

COVID-19 Updated
to include
U.S. Domestic - 3.25

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) - 3.13
ps Pulse Survey_04.16.20 COVID-19 Update image Coronavirus Pulse Survey Impage

We've been busy talking with our peers, partners, and clients about COVID-19 from their own business and personal perspectives. Take a look at these Aires hosted webinars:

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UK Immigration Webinar


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Virtual Survey - What You Can Do Now

Virtual Survey

General resources we thought might be helpful to you:

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