In today’s connected world, companies send more people to work outside their home location, in a wider variety of roles. These mobile employees help companies respond to emerging opportunities, innovate in new markets, and share best practices. Yet moving, managing, and paying your global workforce is complicated.

In most cases, companies engage a relocation provider to handle move logistics and employee communication while a tax provider delivers comprehensive cost estimates, performs tax compliance processes, and calculates payroll withholdings. Lack of communication between the relocation provider and the tax provider leads to duplication of efforts, gaps in compliance, and a disjointed experience for mobile employees and their program managers.

With successful mutual engagements at multiple global organizations, Aires and KPMG LLP recognize the significant synergies that a joint approach and technology integration can bring, including

  • Increased communication in a single portal
  • Enhanced compliance reporting and visibility into the compliance process

Aires and KPMG’s combined approach can simplify your effort in managing assignments and complying with international tax and immigration regulations.

A Streamlined Solution to Increase Accuracy, Reduce Duplication
The integration of Aires’ MobilityX with KPMG LINK Work Force creates a shared platform where assignees, mobility program managers, and tax professionals can all share information about the relocation and compliance processes. Through established APIs, your company can easily combine compliance and cost projection information with relocation project management to create a cohesive experience for both assignees and HR and tax managers. The solution consists of three key components.

  1. Dual initiation
    When you create program management and employee records in MobilityX, it can then initiate activities within KPMG LINK Work Force. By initiating projects in just one system, you can decrease duplicate data entry, improve data accuracy, while minimizing authorization time. This time savings frees your global mobility team to focus on supporting assignees rather than entering data.
  2. Milestone tracking
    Key dates for tax briefings and tax compliance processes are shared between Aires and KPMG. As a result, the status of both tax and mobility services are displayed in the MobilityX portal. Drill-down reporting connects to KPMG LINK Work Force for tax and compliance details, and a program dashboard includes reports on compliance, travel, and documentation. Milestone tracking provides the full context of the employee’s mobility journey.
  3. Reporting
    Aires and KPMG can share cost data as desired in order to consolidate all cost data in a single dashboard, either in MobilityX or KPMG LINK Work Force so you can view total global mobility spend from a single data source and within a single report.

Aires: Technology for Relocating Talent
With 38 years of experience providing international relocation solutions for corporations, Aires has a reputation for delivering on-time performance and high-touch relocation services. The company’s suite of relocation technology tools enables users to view, manage, and track account details and metrics throughout the assignment lifecycle.

Aires’ platform, MobilityX, offers a transparent view of all relocation activities, providing a view for both management and employees. The portal tells program management where your employees are, the services they receive, and the costs associated with their relocation. Customized dashboards enable you to access real-time data and reports about each individual relocation, as well as your overall program. With it, global mobility organizations can stay up to date on c

KPMG graphic

ritical details, from move status updates to expense submissions to key policy information.

KPMG: Advancing Your Global Workforce
KPMG’s Global Mobility Service practice provides tax, technology, immigration, and mobility administration services to make managing your global workforce easier and more efficient, enabling you to be more strategic. Whether you are expanding to a new location, acquiring a company in another country, or just strea

mlining processes to manage your existing global workforce, KPMG’s global mobility specialists can support you. With more than 40 years’ experience working in all corners of the globe, KPMG’s diverse, experienced teams deliver personal service on a global scale that aligns with a business-first agenda. 

In addition to global mobility services, technology from KPMG can streamline and simplify international assignment program management. KPMG LINK Work Force handles all data elements related to employee tax compliance, providing insight and metrics into your global mobility programs. As a Big 4 firm, KPMG also provides the global tax logic required to power cost estimate calculations as a core component of KPMG LINK Work Force. This logic, updated throughout the year, provides policy-based configuration and information for short-term assignment concessions.

The Aires and KPMG solution provides an all-in-one approach to assignment management by:

  • Automating assignment initiation
  • Providing key analytics to program managers via a single dashboard
  • Giving employees and program managers the level of transparency they need and expect related to relocation, assignment briefings, and tax compliance. 

The solution provides API connections between systems, which creates easy linkages for managers and employees to access high-level and granular reporting. Together, Aires and KPMG can simplify the complexity of managing a global workforce.

To learn more about the Aires and KPMG Global Mobility Technology Integration please contact your Aires representative.

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